UBOS update available on all release channels (2019-09-01)

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Lots of new functionality in this UBOS update, which is now available on all release channels and on all platforms.

As usual, the details are in the release notes, so here are the highlights:

More and improved administration tools

For example ubos-admin status --problems will tell you which problems UBOS is aware of, such as a daemon that failed, or a disk that is getting too full. And it keeps its answer short and sweet if everything seems fine. (You are get the full details with various other command-line options; see documentation.)

This makes ongoing systems administration much simpler for professionals and novices alike.

Speed improvements

LetsEncrypt integration rewrite

Our LetsEncrypt integration wasn’t as flexible (and had more issues) than we wanted, so we basically did a rewrite. Here are some tricks UBOS as learned:

Lots of little usability improvements

New and improved functionality for developers:

Need help?

Post to the UBOS forum.

More details are in the release notes.