Release notes: UBOS Mesh Update on red and yellow 2022-09-16


Note to standalone app users

If you are a UBOS user who runs UBOS Linux with standalone Apps like Nextcloud, this update does not affect you.

Major changes in this version

  • The Amazon Importer has been updated to Amazon’s August 2022 export format. It now imports all data – some of it semantically, and the rest of it structurally (untyped).

  • The full-text search now also indexes (untyped) Attribute values. Together, this means that if an import contains a String, it can be searched.

  • The Importer framework has gotten major new functionality that enables modular importer development: only write new importer code for those portions of an import that are actually new or different compared to an older version of the importer.

  • The AccountBar UI widget has been added that provides a login dialog and related functionality.

  • The AccessManager has been reviewed, and improved. Some potential security issues were fixed.

  • The PeerTalk handler now requires a bearer access token.

  • The history of a MeshBase now has a write API. Things that happened in the past – but that we didn’t know of at the time – can now be added into the history of the MeshBase at that historical time. There is more work to be done to integrate this with importers, although the Facebook importer has been partially migrated (and is therefore currently less functional than it was. Work in progress.)

  • New additions:

    • A new skin
    • Viewlets for Accounts, data imported from the untyped importer, and for a (so far empty) landing page.
  • Obviously, lots of other bug fixes and improvements.

  • UBOS Mesh now consists of 70 packages.


Pre-built packages are available in the red and yellow Release Channels. As this is pre-release software, they are not available in the green channel yet.

You may need to add the mesh repository to your pacman configuration, e.g. by creating file cat /etc/pacman.d/repositories.d/mesh with content:

Server = http://depot.ubos.net/$channel/$arch/mesh

Source code and bug tracker can be found at gitlab.com/ubos.

Known issues

This is pre-release software not ready yet for production. There are potentially many issues, many of which may be unknown at this time. Use at your own risk.

This does not affect the stability and security of UBOS Linux and standalone Apps like Nextcloud.