Release notes: UBOS Mesh update red 2022-12-06 (0.10)



This is for developers on the red Release Channel only.

Major changes in this version

  • MeshBase indexing is now performed by two separate Bots, and the index is now stored natively as MeshObjects in the same MeshBase. Previously, the full-text search index and the type index were implemented as bespoke code with storage outside of their MeshBase. This change simplifies and unifies application development, and opens up powerful opportunities, e.g.

    • each MeshBase now has its own index;
    • each MeshBase can now set its own indexing policy in principle, from no indexing at all, to indexing only words, or only types, or in some language vs another, or custom indexing.
  • Some operations have been sped up by reducing the need, when iterating over data, to go back to the on-disk storage system (current Mariadb).

  • Some UI improvements, including reporting some basic statistics.


In the repos on x86_64 and aarch64.

Known issues

This is pre-release software not ready yet for production. There are potentially many issues, many of which may be unknown at this time. Use at your own risk.

This does not affect the stability and security of UBOS Linux and standalone Apps like Nextcloud.