Release Notes: UBOS Linux Update 2021-07-30


To upgrade

To be safe, first create a backup of all your sites, with a command such as:

  • sudo ubos-admin backup --all --backuptodirectory ~

Then, update your device:

  • sudo ubos-admin update -v

New: revamped developer experience

To make packaging apps for UBOS simpler, we now provide a pair of Docker containers, and a tutorial for how to use them:

  • One container is used for building packages, and has the most common build tools pre-installed, so developers can build immediately with almost no required setup.

  • The other container simulates a typical target UBOS system, to test the built packages in a real-world environment.

This allows developers to use any platform they love as their development platform for UBOS (as long as it runs Docker), their favorite editor and other tools on that platform, and speeds up setup very considerably.

For developers who prefer systemd-nspawn over Docker on Linux, a second tutorial describes a very similar setup.

Other new features and key changes

  • The developer documentation on the UBOS website has been reorganized.

  • UBOS now is easier to use inside of a Docker container; for example, UBOS has gained a Docker-specific network configuration so Docker and UBOS network management don’t get into each other’s way.

  • Some IPv6 traffic that had been incorrectly blocked by the UBOS firewall is not blocked any more.

  • UBOS can now use LLMNR to acquire an IPv6 address.

  • High load is not considered an error any more in ubos-admin status; only if the high load persists for a longer period of time.

  • ubos-admin setup-shepherd had its arguments and behavior made simpler and more consistent.

  • ubos-install can run an extra script on the installed system, at the end of the installation before the installed system is unmounted.

  • The UBOS build tool macrobuild now defines its tasks in more sane manner.

  • PHP is now at version 8.

Package upgrades in this version

  • Almost 700 packages in have been updated, including apps phpBB and Wordpress.

Bug fixes

The usual: fixed bugs and made improvements. You can find the closed issues on Github tagged with milestone ubos-25.

Need help?

Post to the UBOS forum.